21: I Tell My Tale of Teasel Puss

The sonnet is a masterpiece, although I challenge Gib’s view that brownie cats are scarce worth looking at.

The Earl of Southampton's Cat

I’ve been so brisk about my business as a poet, I had no time to pen my diurnal [journal].

And I have a new friend.  Smokie, he sayt they call him.  But I go too fast.

Teasel by the Labyrinth Wall Our Hero

First, my tale.  I was most careful in my preparation.  For it come to me that I must start when things are about to change.  And tell of Teasel sooner than I did in my diurnal, because he’s our hero.

I broke my tale into five parts, and told it over five of our assemblies.

And I oped with a prowlook [prologue], so that they cats who never before heared a good tale could have an inkling of what was to come.  I sayt:

My tale’s of Teasel Puss, courageous cat,

In far off Krete where I do lay my scene,

A spinster’s joy, though scarce worth looking at,

He’s of a…

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